A place to eat, mingle, and belong - well, come home.

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Favela is a cafe and inter-generational community gathering space that emphasizes Brazilian culture and human connection.


Brazilian culture is characterized by regular joy-filled family gatherings, a carefree lifestyle that prioritizes people over appointments and never-ending  celebrations with community.


Favela is a welcoming and warm place where people come and feel like they are

in Brazil - from the music to the food to the community orientedness that will make

one feel like family the moment they walk in.

Brazilian and American style coffee

Traditional pastries, cakes, and bread, like Pão de Queijo!

Movie Nights

Live Music Nights

Portuguese Language Workshops

An amazing Brazilian-American couple to serve and welcome you!

Favela Brazilian Café

5300 SE Foster rd

[email protected]


Everyday from 10am to 4pm

Closed on Tuesdays