A place to eat, mingle, and belong - welcome home.

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Favela is a cafe and inter-generational community gathering space that emphasizes Brazilian culture and human connection.


Brazilian culture is characterized by regular joy-filled family gatherings, a carefree lifestyle that prioritizes people over appointments and never-ending  celebrations with community.


Favela is a welcoming and warm place where people come and feel like they are

in Brazil - from the music to the food to the community orientedness that will make

one feel like family the moment they walk in.

- Brazilian Coffee and American too


- Traditional pastries, cakes, and bread, like Pão de Queijo!


- Movie Nights


- Live Music Nights


- Portuguese Language Workshops


- Yoga - in Portuguese too! and Brazilian Dance classes: Forró, Samba, Funk, and more


- An amazing Brazilian-American couple to serve and welcome you!